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Shit ton o' more stuff!!

2014-07-29 18:32:47 by aaarinator

I now I already said that I have more art but I'm still making more if u can believe it just made one called Stand-off and I think yall should give it a spin and tell me wat u think!



2014-07-28 21:10:10 by aaarinator

Two new peices of art check them out!


I'ma backa

2013-12-15 14:45:42 by aaarinator

I just made a new peice o' art, tell me what you think!

check it out!

2013-12-01 21:48:32 by aaarinator

Hey just finished a new drawing and you should check it out, it's called Happy John!

want to be friends?

2013-08-13 20:46:17 by aaarinator follow me?

startin' soon

2013-05-12 20:15:29 by aaarinator

hey new grounders! I'ts aaarinator; and I would just like to say I will be making movies when I get of my lazy ass; patience..............